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Student Membership

Only £5 per annum

Helping Birmingham Medical and Dental

Graduates and Students


Student Membership of the Sands Cox Charity (SCC)


The SCC aims to provide

  • information and help to Birmingham Medical and Dental students and graduates.

  • the means to enable the students of yesterday to help, financially and in other ways, the students of today.


The SCC achieves these aims by

  • our website and using social media.

  • producing an annual journal, Aesculapius, available as a glossy journal but also online.

  • funding elective bursaries, 4 medical and 2 dental, £500 each.

  • holding an annual meeting with interesting guest speakers and an opportunity for bursary winners to give a formal presentation on their elective experiences, which is then published in Aesculapius.


Graduate members pay £30 a year and, if possible, sign a Gift Aid declaration. 

The money raised funds the journal and pays for the student electives and an extra £100 each for presenting at the Annual Meeting and submitting a paper to Aesculapius.


Student members will only pay £5 a year by direct debit until they qualify.


Why should students become SCC members ?

  • To support an organisation whose key role is to enable graduates to support students.

  • To enter a communication system which will be there for you when your student email addresses cease to be available shortly after graduating.

  • To have access to our website, social media sites, the electronic version of Aesculapius and our Annual Meeting.

  • To enhance your chances of getting a bursary because one medical and one dental bursary will be for SCC student members - provided that the application is good enough to merit receiving a bursary.  The number of member bursaries will increase when the number of student members increases.


Prof Martin Kendall,  

Chairman   Sands Cox Charity

April 2018


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