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Dental Graduates of 1942

The ‘Mostly’ 1942 Dental Year Reunion

The 1942 graduates who attended were Doug Daniels, Gilbert Hinkley, George Shannon and John Flitch and each was accompanied by their partner. Apologies were received from John and Irene Jones, Denys and Jean Mitchell-Field, Charles Lord and Peter Griffiths. The group was delighted that Margaret Elsie was able to attend following the untimely death of her husband John, who had been active in arranging earlier reunions. The day was enjoyed by all with the latest news related along with the inevitable student anecdotes being told.


The ‘Mostly’ 1942 year contains a number of graduates who, although they entered the University of Birmingham in 1937, volunteered for active service during the War and therefore graduated at a later date, so hence the name. The year comprised twenty students in 1937 and has now become a little depleted. Consequently, membership has been extended to include any Birmingham graduate who commenced training before the World War II. Following this extension, the group has recruited two new members. These are Tony Waller, who was the house-officer to the year, and John Boylin who qualified in 1932. John Boylin may well turn out to be the oldest Birmingham graduate but he still remains remarkedly active. The group was also delighted to have recently contacted Joseph Moore, another 1937 dental entrant. Joseph Moore went on to specialise in Oral Surgery, following service in the Army. He was later appointed Professor of Oral Surgery at the University of Manchester.


The next reunion is due to be held in September 2005. If any Birmingham graduates would like to join the ‘Mostly’ 1942 group, please contact the Sands Cox Charity.


John Flitch

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