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Dental Graduates of 1952

The 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Dental Year 1952


This is a rather late report of the 50th Year Anniversary Reunion of the Dentals who qualified in 1952.


We met on Saturday October 5th 2002 at Perry Hall Hotel, Bromsgrove. We have met every five years at a variety of places in the Midlands, but this venue was generally acclaimed one of the best we had used and a very enjoyable evening ensued.


Of the original forty four members of the year seventeen met up on this occasion. We had apologies from one or two, including John Bellamy in Tasmania who felt he could not make the long journey this time, especially as his wife Eddie has not been well recently, but we drank to the health of all those who were absent.


All the following were there, accompanied by their wives: Frank Campbell, Rod Cherry, Colin Duckworth, John Fleming, Les Haddon, Jack Hands, Roger Middleton, Tony Morse, Alan Moore, Len Parkinson, John Ripley, Herbert Rott. Also there were Howard Child, Phil and Hazel Slaney, Brian Teall and Bill Walker. We were very happy to see our nonagenarian couple, Herbert and Elizabeth Rott, still as bright and “with it” as ever – an inspiration to us all. So a total of twenty nine had a very happy evening reminiscing and updating together.


We discussed at this event the desirability of reducing the intervals of meeting to something like two and a half years because of the inevitable fall in numbers that will occur, especially over five years. This idea has been reinforced by the tragic death of Phil Slaney earlier this year.


We now look forward to meeting again earlier in 2005, and we hope that all members of the “Year of ’52” who read this will bear the date in mind.


Rod Cherry

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