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Dental Graduates of 1954

The 52nd Anniversary Reunion of the Dental Year 1954


On the 9th of December 2006, at Lucas House, 10 dental graduates met to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of their qualification. Several of their wives came along too but dined separately.


The occasion was organised by David Gurnham who was able to report on the whereabouts and activities of absentees. Harold Jones and David Huggins have settled in retirement in the Antipodes, Austin Fleming lives in the U.S.A. and Lal Baguant is in his native Mauritius.


Several alumni were unable to attend for social or family reasons and since our 50th Reunion, Gill Harris, Ralph Bradley and Stan Bassett have sadly passed away.


As one would expect there was much reminiscing and discussion about the “characters” who had taught us at the Medical School and the old “DH” in Great Charles Street. We were pleased to catch up with the many and varied activities of those present and we enjoyed each others company once again.


Those present were Robin Eggleston, Leon Fleming, David Gurnham, Don Hobbs, Howard Howell, Tony Naylor, Brian Pickering, Ken Ray, Mac Ruddle and “Bunny” Stewart.


It was agreed that we would hope to convene again in two year’s time.


Tony Naylor

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