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Dental Graduates of 1958

The 1958 Graduates 45th Reunion Dinner


There were 36 of us in total who graduated in 1958. Three of us were from abroad – Shu Behari from South Africa, Kim Wong from Malaya and Vic Mike from Trinidad. In the final year we were joined by an Ugandan student – Martin Alicker – who studied in the USA and was allowed to take the final BDS with us. The photograph shows our original group taken in the third year (5 absentees). We did not shed anyone after the third year.


We celebrated our first reunion in 1968, the 10th anniversary of our qualification, at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham. This was followed by the 20th, the 21st and 25th reunions, all of which were held at the Grand Hotel. The 30th was sponsored by the Medical Faculty and held at the University Staff House. Our 35th was held at Wast Hills House, as were the 40th, the 42nd and the 45th.


The Millennium reunion was a grand affair when one of our group, Bryan Osborn (Oz) gave a talk about the things we got up to during our undergraduate years. It was really nostalgic to be taken back to our student days. In fact I am hoping Brian will do an article for Aesculapius on the subject. Our guest on this occasion was Jean Jobes. Our 45th reunion was held in October 2003 when 31 of the 36 alumni attended.


Two of our group (Prof. Paul Bradley and Keith Waterfall) who have now settled abroad in the USA and Canada respectively, could not attend and two others Kim Wong in Malaya and John Bennett in Wales are two alumni from whom we have not had contact for many years.


I am pleased to report that at the last count all 34 were alive and well.


Shu Behari

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