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Dental Graduates of 1962

1962 – Dental Reunion


The ninth reunion of the 1962 Dental qualifying year was held in the Noel Arms Hotel, Chipping Campden, on the twentieth of November 2004. Those present were: Dilys Aikens (née Davies), Geoff Barton, Jan Caswell, John Cohen, Bill Cooper, Viv Crabbe (née Downton), Pete Eccleston, Pete Fradgley, Griff Sherwood, Dave Holden, Gareth Hughes, Paul Lucas, Bob & Jan (née Calcutt) McGowan, John Muir, Gordon Partington, Ernie Robin, Ralph Seymour, Roy Simper, Will Turner and Richard Whalley. We also welcomed as guests Peter Aikens, Julian Crabbe, Sally Cohen, Jenny Fradgley, Almut Muir, Polly Robin, and Ursula Simper. Inevitably there were those unable to attend and apologies were received from Jim Barrie, Dave Charlton, John Clements, Steve Davies, John Kelion, Maurice Kelman, Stuart Taylor, Mike Wake, and Glynn Hall who reported that he was currently recovering from a motor-cycle accident. Unhappily, ill health prevented the attendance of Jim Waddams and Norman Catterick.


Despite those that may hold a contrary view, it is felt that 1962 would appear to have been a vintage year and although trumpet blowing is to be deprecated the year can boast the following: two professors, four maxillofacial consultants, four orthodontic consultants, two senior administrators, two army colonels and two forensic experts in addition to the usual crop of less exalted members of the profession. As Milton observed, ‘They also serve who only stand and wait’.


During the evening Ralph was presented with two potable tokens, (Laphroaig, actually), presented by the year in acknowledgement of his efforts in organising previous reunions. Roy was thanked for his hard work in the organisation of this current event. His workload was seriously increased by the first venue going into bankruptcy shortly after it had been chosen. We hope there was no causal relationship between these two events.


We were saddened to learn of the death of Chris Bradley, after a short illness. As a student, Chris could always be relied upon to provide entertaining diversion. He had a sharp wit, a fine tenor voice and a real musical talent. Many remember his cabaret songs; one particularly was a tour de force in the use of double entendre, praising the ingenious, but doubtful, uses of his Ash’s No 9. Who could forget his doomed and forlorn attempt to curry favour with the omnipotent Professor MacGregor by cooking for him, at a symposium, the definitive cheese omelette? Even then, his life-long love of food and cooking was apparent; never more so than in the Great Lardy Cake Eating Competition. In those less enlightened times the canteen lardy cake came in slabs about three inches square and an inch and a half thick. Much serious debate had occurred as to the possibility of eating one whole. In the face of substantial negative opinion, Bradley thought it might just be possible. Unfortunately, his successful demonstration took him 25 minutes, and it is alleged that at one point some of the witnesses sent for an ambulance.


After the reunion, many, or perhaps some, who had obviously taken much pleasure in the evening of nostalgia, suggested that future reunions might be held biannually with Birmingham as a possible first location. Those who can be contacted are being canvassed for their opinions.


The evening, it may be said, was entirely satisfactory.


Michael Griffin-Sherwood (D 1962)


The Year of 1962


The tenth reunion of the 1962 qualifying year dental students took place on Friday 17th November 2006 at Bank Restaurant, Brindley Square.

Birmingham was chosen as the location in response to a preference expressed by many of the year, apparently suffering from homesickness for this fine city.


It is understood that consequently, their original malady is now totally cured, only to be replaced by an acute nostalgia, rather less easily resolved.


Apologies were received from Paul Lucas, Dave Holden, Mike Wake, Chris Newman, Gordon Partington, and Geoff Barton.

Unhappily, John Kelion, Norman Catterick and Maurice Kelman were unable to attend due to ill health.


Those attending included: Ms Aitkin (Davies), Ms Caswell, Ms Crabbe (Downton) and Ms McGowan (Calcutt), in addition to Messrs: Charlton, Cohen, Cooper, Davies, Ecclestone, Fradgley, Griffin-Sherwood, Hall, Hughes, McGowan, Muir, Robin, Seymour, Simper, Taylor, Tuner, and last as usual, but not  least, Richard Whalley, most of our number being accompanied by their respective spouses, or so they alleged.


Roy is to be thanked for his reconnaissance of venues and most successful organisation of the evening.

It is anticipated that our next reunion, due in the autumn of 2008, will take place in a location with perhaps a wider appeal and easier access for those who live further north.


It is a tribute to the bonding of those in our year that so many are prepared to travel large distances to be together again. How many present day students will have the same commitment in fifty years time?

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