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Dental Graduates of 1965

YEAR OF 1965


The Ruby Reunion of the Dental students who took their finals in 1965 was held at the Plough & Harrow Hotel, Hagley Road, on 12th November 2005. They held their first reunion there after ten years, but decided that it was far too long an interval, so have met every five years since. Although low in numbers (less than forty took Finals) they made up for it in enthusiasm, and the eighteen dentists and fourteen guests had a thoroughly good time with a delicious meal and much reminiscing until the small hours.


Dentists who attended were: Robert Brody, Roy Coppack (who travelled from Germany), Roy Gillibrand, Rob Grapes, Pete Harris, Dick Hartley, Denise Hartley [Chelmick], Guy Hartopp, Marilyn Lee [Ibell] (from north west Scotland), Gerald Neale, Jill Porcherot [Beddow] (from Jersey), Liz Prosser [Herman], Hugh Quarendon, Eric Ricketts (from Gran Canaria), Mike Rowley, John Smallwood, Rob Smith, and Janet Stevens [Picken]. We were delighted that they brought Linda, Kiki, Jan, Jennie, Judy, Caroline, Terry (compete with kilt!), Jane, Roger, Stella, Amparo, Elizabeth, Maureen and Richard along as guests.


As usual Peter Farrington found the distance from Queensland just a tad too far, but sent some super photos and a newsletter in his place. Apologies were also received from Derek Bush (Holland), Mike Davies (S Wales), Jeremy Dix (teaching EFL in Philippines), Tim Jones Griffith (extreme North Scotland), Ian Lowe (N Wales), G B Smith (Hong Kong) and Mike Stacey.

We remembered Mary Calvert, Duncan Fisher, Diane Gillibrand [Edwin], and Tony Walton, who had all sadly died too young.

Many of us are retired, or about to, so it was very interesting to hear how people’s lives were changing and all the activities and hobbies that are occupying our time now. We look forward to our next meeting in November 2010!


Sent by Denise Hartley,

Foxdale, Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks, Stoke on Trent, ST9 0BN.


50-year Reunion meeting of the Dental Graduates of 1964/65


Members of the last year of Dental Students to have completed their course at the Old Dental Hospital  in Great Charles Street met in Stratford-upon-Avon on 8th May to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation.


15 of us, accompanied by spouses enjoyed an occasion, which could so easily have been an evening spent comparing the large number of hearing aids being worn! Instead, it turned out to be a happy occasion, as we rediscovered the young men and women hidden behind the septuagenarian faces.


The member who had come furthest to join us was John Speake, all the way from Australia.


As well as reminiscences of our years spent together, this was also a chance to catch up. Peter Derrington read out a letter from Tom Weinberger, the only member of the cohort still practising his profession, who had been planning to attend from Israel, but was prevented by the need to undergo chemotherapy. Peter Rock spoke entertainingly about developments at the Dental Hospital. He also remembered year-mates and staff no longer with us, and others who had vanished off the radar. Bob Somogyi read out a letter from Hilary Hanbury, who was unable to travel from Torquay. Richard Stagg demonstrated that fun can be had after dentistry by recounting his passion for acting as Fireman on the Welsh Highland Railway near Caernarfon. 


After the three-course dinner there was even some dancing, with Rich Bennett displaying a supple agility that most of us could only dream of.


Everybody agreed that it was not too fanciful to plan another reunion in three years’ time.


Bob Somogyi

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