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Dental Graduates of 1973

30th Anniversary Reunion of the Dental Year 1973


This is a rather belated account of the 30th Year Anniversary of 1973 Dental Graduates, held on October 10th 2003. On previous occasions we have met at five yearly intervals at selected watering holes in the greater Birmingham area. However, this year we were invited under the generous benefaction of the Trustees of the Thomson Charitable Trust who set up a fund in perpetuity to celebrate the passing of 30 years for Birmingham medical and dental graduates. So, on this occasion, the year met in the hallowed precincts of Staff House on the University campus, where we all enjoyed an excellent meal complemented by well chosen, first class wines.


Representatives of the present academic staff gave an account of plans for the future of the Dental Hospital (and asked for donations). A detailed explanation was also given about the many changes to the curriculum since our day. Sadly, a number of regular attendees were unable to be present, but the evening was nonetheless a great success, due to the presence of amongst others George Pracny, Sonia Strass, Herb Sewell, Adrian Luckhurst (all the way from British Columbia), Richard Owen, Cathy Donnellan, Linda Harvey, Martin Wardle, John Langford, Graham Raven, Olivia Richardson, Barry Cockroft, Rosemary Skilbeck, Phil McCullogh, Steve Melhuish, Pippa Dalton, Martin Woodhead and Maurice Endacott. My apologies to anyone I have omitted. This lapse is more than likely due to the quality and quantity of the aforementioned wines. After a thoroughly enjoyable evening swapping anecdotes and gossip, we moved on to the Marriott Hotel where many of us were staying. In common with the City centre, the Broad Street and Hagley Road area seems altered beyond recognition. Despite the recollection of the remainder of the evening becoming exceedingly hazy, we all look forward to meeting again in five years time.


Martin Woodhead

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