Q: Am I eligible to join?


A: Membership is open to any person who has qualified in or studied Medicine or Dentistry at the University of Birmingham, as well as Doctors or Dentists with strong connections with the University and its students.



Q: How do I join?


A: Fill out our Online application and select your payment method - Click Here

You can also join by post: for printable application form click document below.





Q: I don’t want to join online, can I join via post?         


A: Yes, you can join by post or online. For postal applications, please find printable application form below in pdf format, complete and send in the post to:

The Sands Cox Charity,

14 Berkeley Close

Harwood Park



B60 2HL     UK.



Q: How much is annual subscription?


A: The annual subscription is £30 sterling.   If you wish to pay in another currency, please add a little extra to cover banking conversion fees.     


Q: How do I pay for my Subscription?


A: You can pay the following ways:

  • Direct debit annual payment through GoCardless, click here and follow the instructions

  • Debit and Credit card payment through PayPal, click here and follow the instructions

  • Cheque or Bankers Draft made payable to 'The Sands Cox Charity' posted to: The Sands Cox Charity, 14 Berkeley Close, Harwood Park, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 2HL.  UK.


Q: Can I Gift Aid my subscription?


A: Yes, we welcome gift aid please.    If you are a UK tax payer and have paid at least as much in income or capital gains tax that tax year as you want the charity to claim in Gift Aid.    This is of great benefit to the Sands Cox Charity, thank you.


Please either fill out a postal application form as found above, send an email to info@sandscoxcharity.uk quoting the charity name, your name and address, and that you would like the charity to treat your donations as gift aided or fill out an online application form and select gift aid donation.



Q: When is the subscription due?


A: The subscription of £30, comes out on 1 July if you have signed up by Direct Debit. Please click here set up a direct debit with GoContactless (our preferred payment method) or to pay your subscription via debit or credit card with PayPal.




Q: Who benefits from my subscription?


A: The Sands Cox Charity supports students by providing Elective Bursaries and Prizes to Medical and Dental Students of The University of Birmingham.


Q: How is my subscription used?


A: Your subscription is used to provide Elective Bursaries and Prizes to Medical and Dental Students of The University of Birmingham, and the publication in the summer of the annual journal ‘Aesculapius’ keeping you up to date with each other and The University of Birmingham Colleges of Medical and Dental Sciences.



Q: Can I get involved and join the Executive Committee or Editorial Board?


A: We welcome members that wish to join either the Executive Committee or Editorial Board.   Please contact The Secretary via email info@sandscoxcharity.uk,  the current Chairperson or General Editor will contact you.

Q: Who was William Sands Cox?

A: William Sands Cox was a founding father of the college.  Find out more




Q: What is the Aesculapius journal?


A: Aesculapius Journal is the annual journal of The Sands Cox Charity keeping graduates in touch with each other.  Interesting News and Articles from Aesculapius can be found across the website.  If you enjoy these why not join us and receive you own copy of this yearly publication - Click Here.




Q: I haven’t received my annual Aesculapius Journal?

A: Please keep us up to date with any change of address.  If you have not received your journal by end of July annually, please contact The Secretary on info@sandscoxcharity.uk

Q: Is Sands Cox Charity a registered charity?


A: Yes, we are registered with The Charities Commission of England and Wales, number 512347



Q: How do I tell you I have changed my bank account?


A: If you pay by direct debit simply set up a new one with GoCardless - Click Here



Q: How do I tell you I have changed my address?


A: Email The Secretary on info@sandscoxcharity.uk or send us a letter to: 'The Sands Cox Charity', 14 Berkeley Close, Harwood Park, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 2HL. UK.

Q: I’m a Medical or Dental  Student at University of Birmingham, how do I apply for an Elective Bursary?


A: Please contact your Bursary office at the University of Birmingham.


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