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Medical Graduates of 1953

1953 Graduates Reunion Dinner

This was held on March 23rd 2007 at Hornton Grange, the University’s postgraduate residential centre. As in previous years, the organisation was in the capable hands of Dennis and Margaret Wardle. Twenty six of us gathered for drinks followed by a superb meal, after which we retired to the bar for more reminiscences and the inevitable old fogey’s moans about the differences between now and our own Golden Age. Rose coloured spectacles, perhaps? The turn out was a little disappointing. Twenty-one wrote to say that sickness or other engagements prevented them attending. We were able to read their letters and to catch up with old friends. Sadly we learned that Verna James had died and Gwynn Knight (Roberts) was very ill. I apologise to those omitted from the photographs; I am a very inept photographer!


We are hoping to meet again in October 2008.


Present were: Brian Pearson, Brian Watson and Val, Peter Sullivan and Carmel, Paul Beavon, Felicity Knight, James McC. Brown, Keith James and Carol, Geoff and Liz Oates, David Clarke, Tom and Ruth Perry, Gordon Clarke and Jean Edwards, Hazel Wide (Meacock) and Peter, Pat Haddon, Noel and Mary McGuiness, Bob and Mrs Parker and Dennis and Margaret Wardle.

David Clarke

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