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Medical Graduates of 1957

1957 – 45 Year Reunion


The year of 57 held their 45th year reunion on October 5th 2002 at the Falcon Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon. The Falcon has proved an excellent venue in the past, and so it was again, Bryan Pickles was our very efficient organiser, and managed to contact most of the year, (where were you Sid Carlish?).


53 people attended the dinner; 35 year members and 18 partners. 6 made the journey from abroad. Kathleen and Jim Housley from Canada; Molly Thorburn from Jamaica; Geoff Bolt and Tom Flynn from USA; Professor Charles Oxnard from Australia; and Elizabeth Roberts (Swain) from Zambia, and it was great to see them all. The dinner was informal with no speeches, but much talking and reminiscing. Other activities were a visit to the medical school – mostly by those who missed it 5 years ago – and visits to the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre to see Winter’s Tale and Pericles. Sadly there have been 3 deaths since the last reunion 5 years ago. Dave Watts, Clive Landey and Keith Hindle.


2007 will be the 50th year reunion, and we hope Bryan Pickles will take up the challenge and get us together again. So come on all you Aussies and other exiles; we didn’t see enough of you this year.


Thank you Bryan for organising a memorable reunion.


Those present were: Tony Barnes, John Bell, Allen Bevan, Joy Bevan (Jackson), Diana Boardman (Thornton), Geoff Bolt, Keith Bramley, Terry Botting, Elizabeth Campbell (Cooper), Douglas Cresswell, Tom Flynn, Reg Herrington, Mike Hills, Edward Housley, Jim Housley, Kathleen Housley (Mclelland), Stella Leak (Slade), Chris Lord (Clarke), Bob Mclean, Helen Meldrum (Lomax), Ralph Mucklow, Charles Oxnard, Brian Pickles, Richard Rees, Elizabeth Roberts, Geoff Rosser, Bob Smith, Alan (Sam) Snead, Shirley Snead (Gittins), Bob Somerset, Molly Thorburn (Parsons), John Tranter, Claudine Tyson, Gerry Wallen, Don Wayte, Ken Woodward.


Joy Bevan


Year of 1957 – 50th Anniversary reunion


The class qualifying in 1957 held their 50th Anniversary reunion at the Falcon Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon on the 28th and 29th September 2007. 34 class members and 30 wives/partners/companions attended, many having travelled from abroad. A very relaxed and informal weekend was enjoyed by all.


On the Friday evening several participants enjoyed an all female ‘Twelth Night’ at the Courtyard theatre. On Saturday morning 30 of us visited the Barber Institute Art Gallery, an old haunt of many. I had not been back for 50 years. We had a guided tour of recent acquisitions.


The dinner on Saturday evening was a very happy event with no formal speeches. Most people were celebrating the fact that they were survivors of close on a hundred members of the year. We remembered absent friends and were delighted to have Angela Pickles with us. Bryan Pickles had organised the reunions for many years but sadly died last year.


We are now looking forward to the 55th anniversary in 2012, hopefully to be held at the University Staff House. If anyone has any information about members of the year during the next five years, it would be very helpful if you would let me know. Thank you to all those who sent letters this year.


Joy Bevan

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