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Medical Graduates of 1992

1992 – 20 year Reunion


The 20 year reunion of the 1992 Medical Graduates took place on Saturday 6th October 2012 at Forest of Arden Hotel, Meriden, Warwickshire organised by Dr Victoria Spencer with help from Dr Emma Greig, Dr Nicola Whittaker (née Tilley) and Dr Cathryn Woodward (née Airey).


Ten years later the Class of 1992 returned to the Forest of Arden for their 20 year reunion. From the four corners of the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, 74 of the year with 35 spouses met up on a glorious sunny Saturday in October. As well as some of the BSc-ers who dropped down a year to qualify in 1993, we were joined by Steve ‘Geordie’ Robinson, now an optician. Sadly Lizo Mzimba didn’t respond to our requests to join us but obviously being a BBC reporter for 50 years of James Bond was too much of a lure for him!


Despite the fact that we are all in our 40s, a few more grey hairs (or less) for the men and once we remembered names, the 20 years vanished!


Several of us arrived to enjoy the hotel’s facilities before heading for a pre-dinner drinks reception. After a group photo we sat down for dinner accompanied by medley of music from our Uni days and a slide show of pictures from our five years together at Medical School. We discoed till 1am then sang the Welsh National Anthem as a tribute to Dr Debs Hiley (née Davies) who could not make the event due to illness. Several of the year lasted in the bar till 4.30am and made it down to breakfast.


Everyone had such a fantastic time that a 25-year reunion will be on the cards but perhaps with name badges!




Dr Paul Williams, Dr Tony Webster, Dr Liz Reeves, Dr Veronica Pickering, Dr Angela Kannan (Smith), Dr Rob Morgan, Dr Vina Parekh (Patel), Mr Pete Thompson, Dr Matt James, Dr Tina Bates (Cotzias), Dr Nic Raine-Fenning, Dr Andrea Stewart, Dr Ali Hales (Roe), Dr Steve Connor, Dr Ali Sim (Thomas), Dr Sally Dangerfield (Greenway), Dr Dan Blackman, Dr Hendrika Jones (Meyer), Dr Clare Rock (Tarin), Dr Jules Brown, Dr Morgan Cleasby, Dr Rajiv Gulati, Dr Graham Ingram, Dr Tim Clarke, Dr Sarah Clarke (Walsh), Dr Andy Toms, Dr Becca Toms (Benbow), Mr Richard Smith, Dr Sarah Smith (Neal), Mr Nic Saunders, Dr Lisa Hutchison (Daniels), Dr Jedge Lewin, Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, Dr Mo Zoha, Dr Rachel O’Donnell (Pettigrew), Dr Melinda Crème, Dr Martin Landray, Dr Lucy Santarius (Canton), Dr Lorna Oliver, Dr Cathryn Woodward (Airey), Dr Victoria Spencer, Dr Sally Little (Bennett), Dr Emma Greig, Dr Jo Whitehouse (Thompson), Dr Morag Dugas (Begg), Dr Nic Whittaker (Tilley), Dr Emma Mason (Whiting), Dr Helen Macleod (Jenkins), Dr Sue Brammer (Price), Dr Phil Brammer, Dr Jane Austin (Queiroz), Dr Andy Austin, Dr Nigel Page, Dr Alison Kelly, Dr Katherine Owen, Dr Liz Palmer, Dr Mandy Perrin, Dr Duncan Williams, Dr Caroline Williams (Symonds), Dr Tony Blacker, Dr Rachel Harding (Cain), Dr Caroline McVeigh (Ahrens), Dr Rachel Brown (Finn), Dr Julia Tysoe (Norman), Dr Helen Wallis, Dr Ros Gompertz (Marns), Dr Carolyn Hall (Eastwood), Dr Helen Puleston (Cooper), Dr Richard Puleston, Dr Ann Butters (Cullumbine), Dr Mathi, Dr Jayne Bissell (Holland), Dr Stella Frizwell (Jacobs), Dr Elin Jones, Dr Angela Hare.


Those unable to attend and sending their apologies: Dr Debs Hiley (Davies), Dr Sally Amos (Edmonds), Dr Stuart Little, Dr Jon Casement, Dr Sarah Freeman (Jackson), Dr Martin Curtice, Dr Nikki Rodwell, Dr Vanessa Potter, Dr Fiona Neely (Savage), Dr Alex Allwood, Dr Alli Beardall, Dr Sarah Kilb (Price), Dr Philip Rowland, Dr Emma Doherty.

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