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Each year Aesculapius includes obituaries on graduates or teachers who have played a key role in the training of medical and dental undergraduates in Birmingham.


These have either been sent directly to the editor by family, friends and colleagues (click here to see guidelines for obituary submissions) or published by the kind permission of the BMJ.

When obituaries are published elsewhere they are subject to copyright and permission must be sought to reproduce them.  Whilst we do our best to publish accurate information we cannot check all the details and inevitably we have to be somewhat selective about which obituaries to publish. 


This section of the website is currently undergoing continual development and details the obituaries of notable figures of the recent past which make fascinating reading.  


If you are aware of recent deaths that have not been included in Aesculapius and you would like to submit one do please use the guidelines linked above.

Alexander Paton

Anthony David Barnes

Anthony Oakhill

Arnold Gourevitch

Brian Pentecost

Deryk Darlington

Edwin Bickerstaff

Geoffery Oates

Geoffrey Slaney

John Alexander -Williams

John Hamer

John Rippin

John Leigh Collis

Leon Abrams

Margaret Puxon

Michael FitzGerald

Michael Langman

Owen Wade

Paul Dawson Edwards

Paul Rayner

Ronald Frank Fletcher (“Ron”)

Stuart Harvey Green

Varazad Melikian (“Vic")

Victor Brookes

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