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Medical Bursary Winners

Winners of the Sands Cox Charity Medical Elective Bursaries



2018   (published 2019)

Liam Cato - The use of adipose derived stem cells in healing scarring,  Galveston, Texas USA

Grace Fennelly  - Speed of discharge after Caesa, Sri Lanka

James Halle-Smith  - Hand trauma, Johannesburg

Benjamin Rowlatt - The awareness of the lifestyle factors and the complications of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Tonga


2017   (published 2018)

Sahar Abdulrahman - Do practicing communities want to see an end to Female Genital Cutting (FGC)?  An ethnographic report

                                        based on local perceptions at a maternity ward in Moshi, Tanzania

Eberechi Anucha -  Maternal Healthcare provision in the context of active Zika virus transmission; is prevention practical?

Darren Quelch  -  Management of Alcohol dependence in Birmingham - Service efficacy and resource utilisation of the Elective

                                 Detoxification Service at the West Midlands Poisons Unit.


Lauren Quinn -  Changing Diabetes with the European International Diabetes Federation


2016   (published 2017)

Abbey Cahill-Kearns - Audit of End of Life care in the ITU, QEH, Birmingham

Matthew Goldring -  An evaluation of the NHS 111 Service performed in an A&E Dept in Middlesborough, UK

Simon Morris -  Audi of surgical techniques for tonsillectomy in Geelong University Hospital, Victoria, Australia

Catrin Wigley -  An assessment of computer assisted surgery for sacral tumours at The Woodlands, Birmingham, and

                          Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires - two of the three centres in the world using this technique.

2015   (published 2016)


Vatsal Gupta - Helminthiasis, a neglected tropical disease: A qualitative study in Hanoi


Elliott J Yates - Don’t be cold hearted! A review of temperature control in post-cardiac arrest care


Archik Das - Does Human Cytochrome P450 2W1(CYP2W1) activate mitotane in adrenocortical carcinoma


Rose Tiller- Ethical dilemmas faced by medical students –Elective in the Solomon Islands



2014 (published 2015)

Hannah Coakley - Life as a WHO intern

Christina Berry - Improving Quality of life for Elderly Patients in the UK.  What can we learn from

                           Geriatric Multidisciplinary Departments in Malta?

Harriet Protheroe -  High- risk Human papilloma virus in vulval squamous cell carcinoma in a Birmingham cohort

Alex Churton - A Research Elective Experience

Lucas James - Red Phone reflections: A UK-based elective in Accident and Emergency Medicine

2013 (published 2014)

Michael Cox  -   Project - TransArc-organ storage elective

Joseph Higginbottom-Jones - Dilemmas in the neonatal setting Palliative care, withdrawal of intensive

                                                care and their health and economic impacts

Graham McIlroy - Translational Research in Birmingham: Focus on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia 

Lili Dawson -  The use of Equine Assisted Therapy with at - risk adolescents

2012 (published 2013)


Rachel Brewster - The impacts of a medical NGO in rural Guatemala

Anna Charles - Prisoners as Subjects in Medical Research

Karen Waldon - Paediatric health in Guatemala



2011 (published 2012)


Lisa Milverton - A comparison of the management of paediatric cancer care in the

                          developing country of Belize with the UK


Jennifer Devereux - For WHO’s Benefit? An Elective at the World Health Organisation


Hannah Boyd-Carson and Faye Newport - A Service Evaluation of Obstetric Forceps Sizes in Uganda


2010 (published 2011)


Arka Das - The stigma of Leprosy in a Developing Country – Nepal


Tom Baldwin - Bethany Medical Centre, South India 


Hana Ansari - A reflection on health in a slice of the underdeveloped world – HIV/AIDS in Zanzibar 


Sean Whitaker - Paediatric Severe Malaria in Kampala


2009 (published 2010)


Eleanor Parkinson - A study of the doctor-patient relationship in a rural district hospital in Nepal 


Victoria Chaplin and Laura Anderson - Medical Elective in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Georgina Barrows - Experiences on Placement Blood Donation and Renal Services in Sri Lanka


Lilli Cooper - Assessment and Management of Acute Elderly Admissions for Falls,

                     comparing Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham and Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies




2008 (published 2009)


Jonathan Segal - Early Breastfeeding Patterns in Women in Dar es Salaam


Ellen Walters - Assessment of patients for liver transplantation in the UK and Australia



2007 (published 2008)


Andrew Durnford (and Victoria Wilmot) - Oxygen delivery in trauma(ATLS)in a South African hospital emergency department 


James Fullerton (and Lucy Thomason) - Tuberculosis Vanatu An audit of Diagnosis, Management and Outcome


Francesca Kinsella - Bone Marrow Transplantation –A reflective comparison of UK and US programmes


Tracie Plant – Caudwell Xtreme-Everest Project 2007



2006 (published 2007)


Adam Seccombe - Does intervention by Primeros Pasos (First Steps) affect the prevalence

                               of malnutrition in Guatemala

Paul Do - Hyperglycaemia: Prevalence and its associated outcomes in a Vietnamese Intensive Care Unit


Reynold Jarrett -  Risk factors for malnutrition and growth retardation in children under 5 years in Freetown, Sierra Leone



2005 (published 2006)


Catherine Bryant - Joanna Harley and Louise Budd – Resource Allocation in the Solomon Islands


Jennifer Elliott - Providing Health Care Networks in Conflict Situations.   My impressions of the training

                          schemes at Mae Tao Clinic, Thailand

Hayley Goff - Medicine and Mental Health in the Tropics

2004 (published 2005)


Sharon Twigger - Romania’s Patriotic Duty. The Health Effects of Ceausecu’s Anti-Abortion Decree 1966-1989


Martha George and Jane Yetton - Abnormal Eating Behaviours


Jarma Khan - An Elective in Pakistan

2003 (published 2004)

Nyaradzo Pfumojeno -  Women and Weight: a never ending story


Sherry Taylor and Barry McAree  -  Assisted Ventilation in Motor Neurone Disease.  A study of attitudes

                                           and quality of life issues in patients at a large MND research centre, San Francisco

Winners of The Sands Cox John Rippin Dental Elective Report Prize

(Dates below are graduations dates – in brackets are published dates)

2018 (published 2019)   Ebunoluwa Ajewole  - Implementing training and oral health and denture care guidelines in 5 carehomes                                                                                      across LIncolnshire

2017 (published 2018)    Steph Agar  - Developing an Onlne study support resource for University of Birmingham dental students

                                                                     to assist with Clinical Dentistry techniques.

2016 (Published 2017)    Rebecca Linney – A study to determine the public's perception of water flouridation 

                                                                          based on social medial posts

2015 (Published 2016)    Baljeet Nandra - Free Bone Grafts for Mandibular Reconstruction –The 6cm Rule –myth or reality   

2014 (|Published 2015)   Sarah Franks - Cephalomtric analysis of an Asian/British Asian Population in Birmingham

2013 (Published 2014)    Yatisha Patel - Evidence based self-care strategies for dental pain and preventative oral 

                                                                     care advice via smartphone technology


The Winners of the John Rippin Elective Bursary


2018 (published 2019)   Vithurran Vijayenthiran - Early Childhood caries in Sir Lanka

2017 (published 2018)   Aditi Tanna - Oral health in Sri Lanka; a cross-sectional study of the prevalence of betel-quid chewing in

                                                          adult hospital populations and their knowledge of an associated increased risk of oral malignancy

2016 (published 2017)   Raj Shah -  A comparison of oral hygiene in disable women in Shanzu, Kenya before ad after tailored

                                                               preventative intervention

2015 (published 2016)   Nilusha Anantharajah  - Paediatric Dental Anxiety- are video-glasses the strategy we’ve been looking for?

2014 (published 2015)   Camilla Morrison  - Street Smiles – promoting oral health within the homeless population

2013 (published 2014)   Krishna Patel  - To explore and compare paediatric dental health intervention in a

                                                                       rural (Hoi An) and urban part of Da Nang , Vietnam


2012 (published 2013)   Hurjot .S. Virdee -  A comparison of dental access and paediatric patient management in

                                                                           Manipal (India) with Birmingham  (England)


Winners of the Sands Cox Charity Dental Elective Bursaries (pre John Rippin Elective Bursary)


2011  (published 2012)    Ralisa Danevska - Is there a future for virtual reality based on technology in Dentistry?


2010 (published 2011)    Zehra Yonel -  2D -3D comparison of a portrait with a plaster mask

2009 (publisted 2010)    Rohin Butani - An investigation of Ayurvedic Principles in Dentistry and their use in Dental Extractions

                                                                     without local anaesthetic

2008 (published 2009)   Haimisha Mistry - Paediatric dental treatment in Vietnam

2007 (published 2008)   Debbie Rimington  - Oral health and the provision of dental care for homeless adults

2006 (published 2007)   Kathryn Bickerstaff -  A comparison of the oral health of 12yr olds in the UK and Bisalpur, India

2005 Ipublished 2006)   Leena Jassi - Barriers to dental care for homeless people

2004 (published 2005)    Mary Doherty - Overcoming the barriers to health care; a study of public health programmes

                                                                         available for the 'under-served' communities in Nebraska, USA



Winners of the Stuart Green Memorial Bursary

2018 (published 2019)   Alexandra Lee - Does nitric oxide improve outcomes in children post cardiopulmonary bypass?

2017 (published 2018)   Gita Lingam - Ophthalmic surveillance of cranlosynostosis patients - is it being done correctly at

                                                                    Great Ormond Street Hospital?

2016 (published 2017)   Meg Barker – How might a Doctor be alerted to the presence of child abuse?

2015 (published 2016)  Jo Callaby - Young children exposed to tuberculosis –Bairo Pite Clinic,Dili,East Timor

2014 (published 2015)   Nuthana Prativadi Bhayankaram -  Exploring the role of haematopaetic stem-cell transplants

                                          in treating childhood cancer

2013 (published 2014)   Emma Godfrey - Guidelines for chromosomal microsomal micro-array testing counselling in Paediatrics

John Rippin Elective Report Prize
John Rippin Elective Bursary
Stuart Green Memorial Bursary
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