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             The MedSoc continues to flourish!

Dominic Mears MedSoc President is delighted that it has recruited over 400 new members this year continuing it’s place as the biggest student society in the UK, with well over 2500 members and over 70 societies exclusively for students studying at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences


Highlights of some of recent activities include:


A record sum of £30,000 was distributed at the annual Grants Weekend following on from last year’s total of £23,000.



National successes were achieved by the squash, hockey, badminton, football and Rugby teams whilst the biggest camping trip in MedSoc history was held with 250 members going to the Welsh coast for two days of  summer bliss.


By teaming up with the College Admissions Department, it has managed to make MedSoc something that genuinely attracts new members!


In the past term, there has been  pioneering work in the community from our charity groups in particular “The Street Doctors Charity” In 2016 UK knife crime hit  32664 or one every 16 minutes. It is the third commonest cause of death and many of these arise because people do not know what to do, panic and do not call for help. Street Doctors exist to help address this and taught 263 youths about haemorrhage control, and unconsciousness control/CPR



IMed  hosted the “ History of Islam and Medicine Exhibition and presented their research into the contributions made by Muslims to amongst other specialities Opthalmology, Surgery and General Medicine therein receiving official recognition by the university and national organisations. It also group gave free CPR courses to communities and raised awareness of the need for blood donors especially in the ethnic minorities


These examples of the enthusiasm and commitment is a great testimony to all involved

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