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Who We Are

Sands Cox was one of the founding fathers of the Medical School in Birmingham in the middle of the 19th Century.  The Society was set up in 1983 in order to enhance communication between graduates, organise meetings and support the education of the under- graduates at the Medical and Dental Schools.


In 2014 The Society became the Sands Cox Charity and the Medical and Dental Schools have become the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.

The Membership has also been expanded to include those with close links to and a strong interest in the old schools and the new college.


 The purpose of the Sands Cox Charity is to provide:


  •  financial support for competitively selected medical and dental students to enable them to undertake an elective.

  •  the opportunity for students to present their findings at the AGM and to publish them in Aesculapius.

  •  Members with an annual copy of Aesculapius. This high quality publication includes articles of general interest, information about the new college, reports on reunions and student elective reports.

  •  lines of communication between graduates, friends and colleagues and also information about the College, its students, research and its hospitals



It is a registered charity (No.512347) and is recognised by the University as the Alumni organisation for Medical and Dental Graduates.

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